You’re Not Alone: Common Challenges Faced By Small Business Owners

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And How To Quickly Solve Them Today

We talk to small business owners every day, and we often hear (and see!) common challenges for them in running a company.

Challenge: We’re a small business so everyone wears a lot of hats. What I find is, it’s hard to keep people in their own lanes when everyone is doing everything.

✔ How do you curb this sort of behavior? We always come back to roles and responsibilities, as well as accountability. Even if there is some overlap in duties between employees, that’s ok. But, having a detailed job description, scope of work and targets (including weekly and monthly targets) will keep each employee focused. Then, as you create your short and long term plans, it should be regularly reviewed together, by you and your employee. Whose task is it? When in doubt, check the scope.

Challenge: Everyone in the company is so busy, we don’t have time to create processes. We always say, “Just do it this time and next time, we’ll create a procedure.” But, next time comes and we say the same thing!

✔ We suggest taking one hour per week to tackle this challenge. One hour doesn’t seem like enough time to really solve the problem, however it’s one more hour than you spent last week, right?

You and your employees should make a list of all the procedures you think are needed. Break this list into three categories based on level of importance; if we don’t document this #1 The Business Will Implode, #2 The Business may Go on Life Support, or #3 The Business Can Get By for One more Month. Then, each employee, including yourself, should spend that one hour per week, going through the list and documenting each procedure, one by one. This is an iterative process, so don’t look for perfection, look for progress. And, just think of what will be accomplished in 6 months!