Why Did You Start Your Business?

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The why behind Tapas Marketing:

  • Offer small businesses a cost-effective alternative to traditional agencies, freelancers, and in-house teams.

  • Provide strategic guidance to the leadership team, always going back to the business objectives and marketing plan.

  • Demystify marketing with transparency.

Every business owner has a story about starting their own venture. Tales of their (usually) harrowing journey to success are colored with ups and downs. Moments of stress. Failures. Rejection. Financial insecurity. In fact, I’ve never met a business owner who says “Start your own business! It’s so easy!” But with high risk comes high reward. The personal fulfillment of creating something uniquely yours is incomparable.

One thing all business owners have in common is a why. A reason they decide to become an entrepreneur and face the uncertainty of launching and running a new business. For some, it’s solving a problem, or because they saw demand for a product or service that wasn’t yet available.

For Robin and I, we love working for small to medium-sized business but continued to see the same marketing challenges over and over again. There were only three choices for marketing solutions: agencies, freelancers or in-house teams. And all three came with trade-offs: cost, management, and time. We decided there had to be a different way. A virtual option to offset cost, a 12-month plan to keep freelancers on track and in sync, and clearly defined business objectives that let us start working right away. And that’s how Tapas was born!

Don’t think of yourself as an entrepreneur? Neither do Robin and I! But the numbers don’t lie. As of 2018, there are about 30.2 million small businesses registered in the United States. Of those, about 7.75 million have paid employees (Source: sba.gov). Are you one in 30 million?

Comment with your WHY for starting a business!