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What’s the most frequently asked question in marketing? Why is it so hard to find great marketing people?

The problem: Whether you’re hiring in-house or looking to work with a marketing agency, it’s tough to find someone who gets it.

  • Are you getting ripped off?
  • Are you doing the right marketing things?
  • Why are marketers so flaky?
  • How do you know you’re not being manipulated?

Marketing is murky and expensive, and marketing people seem to make marketing even more complicated.

The solution: Hire an experienced Marketing Director for a fraction of the price of a full-time employee. Here’s my process:

  • Tackle urgent items first and fix your ‘right now’ problems. Let’s get some quick wins.
  • Find out your priorities and get right to work.
  • Get more time back in your week, save money, and grow revenue.
  • Be confident in marketing decisions from now on.

There are great marketing experts out there, you just have to find the right one.

My mission:
To make marketing affordable and accessible to all business owners. 

My vision:
Empower business owners with knowledge to make great marketing decision. 

Meet Your Marketing Secret Weapon

Kate Weed brings over 14 years of experience to your business. Kate’s background as a Marketing Director combined with her experience working with small business owners gives you a balanced perspective on marketing.

Kate and her team offer reliable, on-demand marketing support to help grow your business.

an affordable alternative

Our Secret Sauce

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The word “tapas” is derived from the Spanish verb tapar, “to cover”, a cognate of the English top.


Together we'll shape a comprehensive plan outlining your specific marketing efforts including strategy and tactics.


We provide honest and impartial advisement because we don't have skin the game. We are consultants that complement in-house teams and agencies.


A forward-looking approach to reach your ideal clients and customers, and methods for staying ahead of your competitors in the future.


Many times business owners plan to handle marketing themselves. And sometimes all they need is guidance from an expert to help them stay on track.

Executive Advisement

Marketing isn't a stand alone division of a company. Our expertise can be beneficial when making important business decisions.


Not sure if you're getting ripped off? We can help boost your return by being your advocate and providing the marketing education you need.


Together we'll shape a comprehensive blueprint outlining your specific business objectives and our marketing efforts for the coming year.


A forward-looking approach to identify your ideal clients and customers, and methods for staying ahead of your competitors in the future.

Executive Advisement

From sales commission structures to social media, we provide a sounding board to help focus your time and energy.

Email Marketing

Whether you're starting from scratch or have already started collecting emails, we'll make the most out of email marketing.


Want to rank higher on Google?We'll help grow your reach and visibility by optimizing your website and managing your Google My Business listing.

Social Media

Social media seems to be changing daily. We’ll help decide which social media channels are right for your business. Then we'll make your social media as awesome as you!

Public Relations

We handle media pitching, writing and distributing press releases, and facilitating local media outlets to visit your business.

Graphic Design

Our team designs for both digital and print advertisements like ads, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports.

Paid Media

Spending money on Google advertising can be intimidating. We'll put your mind at ease with a reasonable budget and monthly reporting you can actually understand.


Everyone seems to have a "website guy" these days. But is he available when you need him? We'll manage the technical side of your website and take care of changes when you need them on the fly.


Let's work together to create, publish, and distribute digital content for your current and potential customers. Blog posts, white papers, case studies, and more.

Traditional Media

Print, radio, TV, and billboards are going digital. We'll help coordinate traditional efforts with a digital marketing strategy.

Our Packages


Send me your toughest challenge! I'll manage the two marketing things you need the most help with.


Choose two of the above services and feel confident that they'll be done right.
$750 per month


It's time for an expert! Let's complete those marketing tasks you've been putting off or have struggled to get done with your current marketing person.


Choose up to four of the above services to jumpstart your business growth.
$1,350 per month


Punch it! Stop wasting time and money. Let's get fast results with a real game plan.


Choose up to six of the above services to amp up your marketing fast.
$2,450 per month

All contracts are month-to-month. Nobody likes being locked in to something until they know it works!

Marketing and finance audits are represented by an iPhone, notebook, and laptop.

Phase I:
Audit & Research

Planning and strategy is represented by a productivity cube and a marketing quarterly plan at the Tapas Marketing office.

Phase II:
Strategy & Planning

Executive advisement and marketing optimization shown by marketing graphs and budget reports spread out on a table along with a laptop surrounded my a team of marketers and financial analysts.

Phase III: Reporting & Analytics

Phase IV: Optimize & Advise

Our Expertise

Executive advisement
Business strategy
Marketing optmization
ad hoc solution sessions

Executive Blog

We think knowledge should be free. Our weekly blogs are tailored to business owners and executives who value a fresh perspective on marketing and business.

Our Testimonials

"We have found great success with Tapas Marketing. Our brand awareness has increased 28% and our revenues by 24% since integrating them with our sales team."
Professional head shot of Jason Yocum
Jason Yocum
"I was impressed by their creative approach to developing strategic plans designed to drive measurable results. Working with them, I’ve been able to see them successfully manage multiple projects and execute at the highest degree."
Professional head shot of Kelly Hahn
Kelly Hahn
Director of Sales

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